Thursday, June 24, 2010

George Brent

I remember when I was little that my mother would give me the names of her favorite actors and I could hear one time and another Gregory Peck, Herbert Marshall… a few others and … George Brent.

After having seen many movies, discovered actors I had no idea of, from different countries as well, belonging to the silent era, talkies, classics, etc., I remember the first time I saw George Brent was in Baby Face (1933) as Courtland Trenholm, the man who finally redeems Barbara Stanwyck  (depending if you switch endings, I believe, as I have not seen the “other ending”) What appealed to me of Brent was at first his attitude, his smiling eyes, his smile per se, very charming. His hair, so well done, but something about him, that I could not forget, as no one can forget the charisma someone shows without noticing. Sweet and charming, George Brent appeared to me as a very special actor, gentleman and with a very beautiful debonair. 

myrna loy george brent The Rains Came Then, after a few months I started watching old Bette Davis movies with my brother and there I saw again George Brent who completely mesmerized me in Dark Victory (1939), The Great Lie (1941) The Rains Came (1939), In This Our Life (1942), The Painted Veil  (1934),I could add Jezebel, but I saw this movie many years ago and cannot remember very well what happened only that I loved Bette Davis in that movie.

There are so many movies I would love to see featuring George Brent. I am going to watch very soon The Crash (1932) and I hope so many others. In The Crash Brent appears with Ruth Chatterton whom he married and made a few movies together.

George Brent has a peculiar biography if you check his page at imdb. In The Great Lie, he pilots an aeroplane, something that he was used to before he became actor. Needless to say, in those times, I would have loved to live as a journalist and interview so many stars that now are a great part of our nostalgia.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame

Billy Bartholomew's „Delphians"-Jazzband Grammophon 21658 mx. 744 br II Berlin, 1928

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