Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Door bell

DoorBell Vintage

Barcelona - Girona 113 g By Arnim Schulz

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Monday, September 27, 2010

A new era for captcha’s?



If the market is concious about we, vintage lovers, maybe we could see this ad:


vintage campbells



instead of this one:






campbells 1


..and have to read the fat, cholesterol, trans fat… saturated… so typical words of the XXI century

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vintage Circus

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There is something nostalgic about the old circuses and their story. In many ways this is showed in “Freaks” but there are also other stories that perhaps could become a movie. For vintage circus lovers you can follow a page on Tumblr dedicated to circuses and their people, from unknown clowns to famous people who made their story during their lifetime and others who have transcended time.



Released: 1932

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Wallace Ford, Olga Baclanova, Henry Victor, Daisy Earles, Daisy Hilton, Schlitze,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Carole Lombard


Carole Lombard


Nuns in Snow



Nuns in snow New-York city,1946, Melissa A. Benson


Adelaide Claxton, The Daily Governess


Adelaide Claxton, The Daily Governess

Adelaide Claxton, The Daily Governess. Printed in London Society, June, 1862.

Credit: Database of Mid-Victorian wood-engraved Illustration

Paradise Lost . Gustave Doré


Gustave Dore Paradise Lost

Credit: archive.org

Victorian Futurism


Victorian Futurism

Credit: retrogasm

Mandoline player in Harem



Credit: www.neilgladd.com

Buster Keaton


Buster Keaton




Credit: www.afterimagegallery.com

Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor

Credit: martinstreisand

Lina Cavalieri


Lina Cavalieri

Credit: Alberto Cernuda

Anna Karina


Anna Karina

Credit: Music2MyEars

Princess with Exotic Bird—Edmund Dulac—


Princess with Exotic Bird—Edmund Dulac—


1941 ... A Scout is Helpful - Norman Rockwell


1941  A Scout is Helpful - Norman Rockwell


x-ray delta one

Goddes of Sparkling Water



Credit: x-ray delta one

The American Girl


The American Girl

Credit: clotho98

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lupe Velez


Lupe Velez

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Car 1931


Car 1931


Vintage Photo (via photo-ch)

Rayne’s Shoes

Raynes Shoes


Fifty Great American Silent Films 1912-1920

Fifty Great American Silent Films 1912-1920

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British Stage Actress


British stage actress


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Bitter Pastore, Milano


Bitter Pastore Milano

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Kasr-el-Nil Postcard, c1910


Le Caire


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Jetta Goudal


Jetta Goudal

Vintage Art Deco Illustration-Lady Among Flowers


Art Deco


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Fledermaus, Berlin (1912)




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Pier Angeli



Credit: 4th COLT

Romantic scene


Romantic Scene

Dorothy Burgess


Dorothy Burgess

Salvador Dalí



Credit: Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist

Anna Karina



Credit: Music2MyEars

Dorothy Sebastian




Mary Pickford


The Theater Magazine 1915

Olde Tymes




Vintage Collectible

You are never alone



The Kiss


Buster Keaton


Ann Dvorak

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shaking Hands

Many Happy Returns of the Day


The etiquette with regard to shaking hands is not an open question, it is distinct enough and simple enough for all exigencies, but yet there is individual temperament to be taken into account which in many drives etiquette out of the field, if by etiquette is understood not merely stiff propriety of action, but politeness in the truest sense of the word, and doing that which is exactly the right thing to do. Etiquette rules when to shake hands and when not to do so, when to bow and when not to bow; but in spite of this knowledge, which is within every one's reach, there are many mistakes made on this head.

For instance, one does not offer to shake hands when expected to do so; another offers to shake hands three times; one displays unwarrantable warmth in shaking hands; another extends two fingers only; one shakes hands in a limp and uncomfortable manner, and takes the extended hand merely to drop it; another literally pumps the extended hand, or crushes the rings into a lady's fingers when shaking hands with her.

A lady who does not shake hands when expected to do so is actuated by one or other of the following reasons—she did not wish to shake hands with a certain acquaintance, and preferred to bow only, or she was not aware whether she should have shaken hands or not.

The gentlemen who shake hands with great warmth and empressement are two distinct individuals; the one is [p.226]cordial and large-hearted, and has a friendly grasp for every one—a grasp indicative of kindliness, geniality, and good fellowship—the other wishes to ingratiate himself in certain quarters, and loses no opportunity of demonstratively shaking hands, but no one is deceived by this spurious imitation of the real thing.

When a lady gives but two fingers to people whom she does not care about, she is always a person who fancies herself, and who feels very fine; she doubtless is, but her good breeding and her good feeling are both in question when she takes this method of showing the superiority of herself and her position over that of other people.

There are other eccentricities indulged in by different people who shake hands when they should not, and people who do not shake hands when they should.

It depends upon whom a lady is introduced to, or upon who is introduced to her, whether she should or should not shake hands. She should not shake hands on being casually introduced to a person altogether a stranger to her; but yet there are so many occasions when it is both proper and correct to shake hands on being introduced, that the rule on this head is a very elastic one.

For instance, a host and hostess should shake hands with every stranger introduced to them at their house.

A lady should shake hands on being introduced to the relations of her intended husband.

A lady should shake hands on being introduced to the friend of an intimate friend.

When a lady has entered into conversation to any extent with some one to whom she has been introduced, and finds she has much in common with her, she should shake hands on taking leave; but if she has only exchanged a few commonplace sentences, a bow would be all that is necessary.

A lady usually takes the initiative with regard to shaking hands as with bowing; but in reality it is a spontaneous [p.227]movement, made by both lady and gentleman at the same moment, as the hand ought not to be extended or the bow given unless expected and instantaneously reciprocated.

A young lady should not offer to shake hands with one not expectant of the honour.

Shaking hands on taking leave is, with some few people, a graceful and pleasant fashion of saying good-bye; intimate friends hold the hand while the last words are being said. Women hold each other's hands thus on parting, and some few men take each other's hands; but with them it is rather a foreign fashion, and is principally followed by those who have lived much on the Continent; for, as a rule, an Englishman prefers the hearty English shake of the hand.

A lady having once shaken hands with another, should continue to do so at subsequent meetings, unless a coolness of manner warns her that a bow would be more acceptable.

With regard to shaking hands at a dinner-party with acquaintances: if the dinner-party is a small one, and there is time to shake hands, it is correct to do so; but when there is little time before dinner, and no good opportunity for shaking hands, bows to acquaintances at distant parts of the room, or when seated at the dinner-table, are sufficient recognition for the time being.

At an evening-party it depends upon opportunity whether acquaintances shake hands or not.

The fashion of raising the arm when shaking hands is followed by very few in the exaggerated style in which it was first introduced, but a modification of it has distinctly become the fashion in general society.

The hand, instead of being extended straight out, is now offered on a line or parallel with the chest, a trifle higher than the old-fashioned style, and the fingers of the hand are held and gently shaken, but the palm is not grasped or even touched.











Friday, September 17, 2010

FNAC IT! Vintage Lovers

On October 10 at FNAC Paris.
Discover Fnac it! VINTAGE LOVERS, the second collection, rendez-vous for all vintage lovers: with its section dedicated to High-Tech and all kind of vintage objects. Go back to the “happy days”, nostalgie…
Fnac de La Défense, Montpanasse, Ternes and of course Fnac.com

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vintage and Retro Fonts

I love adding new fonts to my folder. Needless to say, they are “vintage” style all of them. Normally I save them to an external drive and use them when needed, but sometimes I forget it as I see a list of fonts appearing right in front of my very eyes whenever I use Adobe Photoshop, Essentials or Paint Shop Pro X2.

I also save them on two websites “just in case” but at times they are so beautiful I can’t help to add them directly to my hard drive and keep the folder as clean as possible, right now occupying just 477Mb, which is all a success.

Nevertheless, these that follow I have added them to the hard drive as well, as they look so nice and special.

These are:


Fortuna’s Wein

Herald Square



Here is how they look:

These fonts are free to download and the page has many more that might be of interest to you.

Here is the link:

44 Splendid Free Fonts for Vintage and Retro Designing

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6th Salon du Vintage, Paris

8th Salon du Vintage à Paris
Photo: Philippe Kerlo
Graphisme: Benjamin Scetbon

Fashion, Furniture, Accessories

Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 2010


Espace des Blancs Manteaux

48, rue Vieille du Temple

75004 Paris

10am till 7.00pm

Free Entry

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boarwalk Empire, New tv series about the 20s

boardwalk empire


boardwalk empire



boardwalk empire


boardwalk empire



boarwalk empire

Old Time Beauty

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