Friday, October 29, 2010

A letter to Canadian Aladdin Co. Limited. Toronto, Ont.

Great Lakes Engineering Morks

Shipbuilders and Engineers

Detroit, Michigan.



Canadian Aladdin Company,

C.P.R. Building

Toronto, Ont.

January 30, 1919


I wish you to know how much my daughter and her family have enjoyed the cottage which I purchased from you in the spring of 1917.

I can best perfectly describe it in the language of the street as being “a bird”. The material  in this cottage, as well as the design, was most satisfactory in all particulars.

I wish you continued prosperity in the business.

Yours very truly,

H.W. Hoyt


aladdin homes


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Isn’t it beautiful

Parrot Girl 2 - 5x7 Print - Etsy

Just saw it while reading @etsy tweets


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My Favorite Etsy Items this morning

Large Personalized Mugs

Large Personalized Mugs - Etsy

(I can have a feeling of a trip to yesteryear while sipping a hot coffee or chocolate in one of these)



30 Rest a minute tags - Etsy

(Great for antique shops)



indoor water fountain or pet fountain Morning Glory - Etsy

(Lovely blue turquoise!)



Angels - Etsy

(I'm amazed at these fine sculpures!)




Big All you need is LOVE Clear Stamps - Etsy

(I like the tweet action:-)! )



I could spend hours here, there are always great surprises awaiting.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vintage–Turorial Adobe CS5

How can you transform this:




into this:


I have to say, I was amazed at the well explained tutorial for this effect.

You can check it at AdobeTutorialz

My only problem is that I have cs4 so I don’t know if I will be able to make it.

Vintage Posters and a notice

Yesterday and today, I have been seeing a few blog articles featuring vintage posters. Some about travel, others about old computers advertisements, or types of advertisement posters that would not be trendy nowadays, because of how they portray a different perspective on society.
But I used to collect many vintage posters long ago. And some  on the internet as well. But after some time I  had to find a space to save them, and others just disappeared when a website decided to terminate their service, and .. I tried without success to switch the files to another site via the farewell site.
Today I am visiting old vintage posters that I collected long ago and kept on a website. Most of them, if not all of them, are known by you all, especially because time has passed by and they have been shared so many times on different vintage sites and groups!
But anyway I wanted to share them here. And for those of you who enjoy them, seeing them will make the same effect they always have on me. Those times had great art in many ways, including advertisements.
By the way, very soon I am going to post a Giveaway contest and the final reward is going to be a $55 gift code. I will let you know where, when I will post that entry…surely during the weekend.
Meanwhile, these are some of the images I want to share here:
Click on images for a higher resolution view

Saltburn Vintage Poster

- Salltburn and Marske-by-the-sea , Yorkshire. Vintage Advertisement

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Canadian Posters made in 2010

Check out these great modern-vintage posters for Canadian Adverstisements.

I love many of them but especially this one:


Secrets for finding Vintage Treasures

An article I really found interesting. To all vintage lovers and collectors

Follow this link


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage effect. Great!

Today I tried something I really enjoyed and it is to give an old effect to modern photos. If you read my post about the Polaroid effect, you will see the photo I used is not so adequate but it really gives the “effect”. But today I did as said on this page and I must say the results are great.

Here is the photo without retouching:


Just applied a few effects and.. voila!:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marcella Albani



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Werner Fuetterer



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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Reputation, a classic movie with some erotic hints

Didn't I say yet that I like George Brent? Oh did I… And can never get rid of this actor. Although he never played as the main character, his presence and well acting was brilliant in most cases. I could speak for hours about the lovely feelings he transmits me through the screen but here I will speak about a scene that startled me, because by the time it was on Spanish cinemas, Franco’s film code would not have allowed this movie to be screened. Yet it was. The plot itself is a song for a woman’s freedom, when a woman of those times in Spain should Never think like she does, or go against all odds. And then.. while some scenes where the characters kiss were banned and cut, here we see the original film as it was showed back in 1946-47 in Spanish Theaters, a scene that is more than a kiss, to me is like a hundred kisses, yet it’s not explicit. But it has even more mystery and expression and Was Not Cut. So, normally, today this could sound silly, but to the vintage lovers, we know that this “means something”, like those pre-code movies, so different from the 1940s films. And yet, here, a film made in the 40s shows an erotic scene, very subtle, very funny and that I wanted to share here.
Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent made more than two movies together. My reputation was directed by Curtis Bernhardt. The dialogs are great and as I said, it is rare that this movie was showed back in those times.

Vintage Candy on sale Yummy!


BIT –O-HONEY via Olivander

Seems that candy that was made back in 1847 may still be alive and healthy! After I reading that
Md. Shop Offers Vintage Candy Dating Back To 1847, I just started remembering all the candy brands I loved when I was little and that now don’t exist anymore. An example of this is Piratas, something that could only be bought through a special machine outside some grocery stores. These machines were very popular and now they look completely different: sandwiches, bounty, nestle chocolates, gatorade, etc… nothing to do with the Piratas, the Adam’s of those times, and some liquorice sweets that are not here to taste anymore.
Sugus is a brand that has been over years and still is popular, as well as chewing gum Boobaloo, Nena, and the super famous Peta Zetas from the 80s!

Oh, and I can’t forget Chupa Chupps, which was imagined by a Spanish guy who showed the idea here and nobody cared… until he became so famous in the US with his brilliant candy idea and now it’s something we taste like children do.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Textures–Vintage Paper

I used to keep a blog dedicated to scrapbooking. Due to family issues I didn’t have much time to dedicate to it. But I really enjoyed it, took some lessons from great people who master this subject so very well, giving me advice regarding techniques, the way I should save up time doing image skills, creating papers, what kind of program to use on occasion.. It’s an activity so creative and which makes one want to become more and more perfectionist and professional. So my blog is still waiting for me to do something about it. Perhaps I will add it here, since this blog is about Everything Vintage!

Here I found some interesting textures that you could use for your scrapbooking or maybe for your blogs or websites. I find them very nice, especially the second one:

Textures Vintage Paper

Textures - Vintage Paper
10 JPEG | ~ 2400x3500 | 52 MB

You can download the folder

at hotfile

and filesonic


Lily Damita


Lily Damita


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lina Cavalieri REUTLINGER


Greta Nissen

Greta Nissen

The Lady of the Harem 1926


Alice Prin, also known as Kiki de Montparnasse

Alice Prin, also known as Kiki de Montparnasse


Dorothy Sebastian

Dorothy Sebastian


Mary Brian

Mary Brian


The Visitor

The Visitor

The Visitor (c. 1925) by Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl


Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor


Virginia Bruce

Virginia Bruce


Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks


Lupe Vélez


Lupe Velez


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Throroughly Modern Millie

Thoroughly Modern Millie From the Original Motion Picture "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (1967) directed by George Roy Hill and starring Julie Andrews, James Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, John Gavin, Carol Channing and Beatrice Lillie.

Old Time Beauty
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