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Bebe Daniels

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Sandwiches and Toasts recipes from yesteryear

I was having a  look at a book 






I find the sandwiches and toasts section very appealing.



Press cold baked beans through a sieve; spread bread with butter, cover with a lettuce leaf, cover lettuce with beans, and sprinkle beans with chopped mustard pickle. Cover with a second piece of buttered bread. Brown bread or any dark bread may be used.


1 cup chopped celery
¼ cup mayonnaise

1 hard-cooked egg

Put celery and egg through the food chopper, using finest cutter; add mayonnaise, and salt if necessary; spread between thin slices of buttered brown bread.


Mix equal parts of grated American cheese and chopped nut meats; season with salt and cayenne, moisten with cream, and spread between thin buttered slices of bread.


Cut bread in half-inch slices, remove crusts, spread with Mustard Butter (see No. 459), cover with a lettuce leaf, spread with salad dressing, cover with cheese cut in thin slices, sprinkle with chopped mixed pickles, and cover[Pg 164] with a second slice of bread spread with mustard butter. Cut in quarters diagonally.


1 cup finely chopped chicken
Dash of celery salt

½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup salad dressing

Dash of cayenne

Season the chicken, add the dressing, and beat well. Butter circles of white bread, and spread with the chicken, mounding it in the center. Garnish with slices of pimolas.


Cook giblets until tender, put through food chopper, and mix with salad dressing. Spread between thin slices of buttered bread. A lettuce leaf may be added.


Spread thin buttered slices of stale bread with finely chopped ham; cover with thin slices of American cheese; cover with another slice of bread spread with ham, and sauté in a little butter until brown. These sandwiches may be toasted if preferred.


Toast marshmallows and press while hot between ginger snaps, vanilla wafers, or butter thins.


1 cup young America cheese cut fine
1 teaspoon anchovy paste

3 tablespoons milk
½ teaspoon paprika

Mix cheese to a paste with milk, anchovy, and paprika; spread between thin buttered slices of brown bread.


Put freshly roasted peanuts through the food chopper, using the finest cutter, season with salt, and mix to a smooth paste with cream; or dilute peanut butter with a little milk until of consistency to spread easily.


Cut raisin bread in thin slices, and spread with Cottage Cheese (see No. 234) mixed to a paste with a little fruit juice or cream. Trim neatly and cut in triangles.


¼ cup butter
A few drops of vinegar or lemon juice

1 teaspoon dry English mustard
A few grains of cayenne

Cream the butter, add the mustard and seasonings, and beat well.


1 cup brown bread crumbled
1/8 teaspoon salt

1 cup white bread crumbled
1 tablespoon butter

1 cup milk

Put crumbled bread in a shallow pan in a slow oven until browned; put in a saucepan with milk, salt, and butter, and cook about ten minutes, beating well. Serve as cereal or dessert. Left-over corn bread or muffins may be used.


Toast brown bread, or crisp in the oven, dip quickly into hot salted water, and arrange on serving dish. Make a Sauce for Cream Toast (see No. 464), add to it one-half cup of cheese cut fine, pour over toast, and put a piece of crisp bacon on each piece.


2 cups celery cut in half-inch pieces
1/3 cup flour

3 cups hot stock or water
¼ cup milk

6 slices toast

1/8 teaspoon pepper

Cook celery in stock or water about half an hour, or until tender; add salt (if necessary), pepper, and flour mixed to a paste with the milk; stir until thickened, and simmer fifteen minutes; pour over toast, and garnish with toast points and celery tips. Use the coarser unbleached pieces of celery for cooking.


Cut six slices of bread in halves, toast slowly, or put into a moderate oven until light brown and crisp, dip each piece into Sauce for Cream Toast (see No. 464), and put into a covered serving dish; pour over remaining sauce, and cover for two or three minutes before serving.


2 cups milk
½ teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon butter

¼ cup cold water

Scald the milk; mix the flour to a smooth paste with water, add to milk and stir until thickened; cook over hot water fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally; add salt and butter, and pour over toast.


To recipe for Cream Toast (see No. 463) add one-half cup of either soft cheese cut fine or grated cheese.


Cut stale bread into thin slices, remove crusts, and cut in halves; toast evenly, and spread first with butter, then with honey, and dust with cinnamon. Serve very hot.


1 egg slightly beaten
¾ cup milk or coffee

¼ teaspoon salt
4 slices bread

1 tablespoon sugar

Mix egg, salt, sugar, and liquid in a shallow dish; soak bread in mixture, and cook on a hot, greased griddle until brown, turning when half cooked. Serve plain or spread with jam.


Follow recipe for Cream Toast (see No. 463); to the sauce add one-half cup finely chopped ham and the finely chopped whites of two hard-cooked eggs. When toast is in the serving dish, sprinkle with the hard-cooked yolks rubbed through a sieve.


Cut whole wheat bread into four one-inch slices, remove crusts, butter, and cut bread into three strips; mix one-third cup of brown sugar, one teaspoon of cinnamon, two tablespoons of seeded and chopped raisins, and a tablespoon of milk; spread paste on bread, and bake in a hot oven until brown. Serve hot.[Pg 168]


½ can tomato
1/3 cup cold water

1/3 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup hot milk

1/3 teaspoon soda
1 tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon sugar
2 hard-cooked eggs

4 tablespoons flour
6 slices toast

Simmer tomato for fifteen minutes and press through a sieve; add salt, soda, and sugar; heat to boiling point, and thicken with flour mixed to a smooth paste with cold water; cook five minutes, and add hot milk and butter. Dip toast in sauce, place on platter, cover with remaining sauce, and garnish with egg cut into eighths lengthwise.


Dip quickly into cold water, put in a paper bag, fold top of bag firmly, and place in a hot oven until heated through.


Melt two tablespoons of butter, stir in one-half cup of coarse, dried bread crumbs until butter is absorbed.


Cut stale bread in slices about an inch and a half thick, remove crusts, and cut in rounds, squares, triangles, or any shape desired; remove the centers, using a small, sharp knife, and leaving a wall one-third of an inch thick; brush with melted butter, and brown in oven; or fry, inverted, in hot, deep fat.


Cut stale bread in one-third-inch slices, cut slices into cubes, and brown in the oven or fry in deep fat. Cold toast may be used instead of bread.


Cut stale bread in half-inch slices, remove crusts, spread lightly with butter, cut in half-inch sticks, and put in slow oven until light brown and crisp.

Boys Will Be Boys - 1935


Will Hay is a teacher in a prison, who applies for the Headship of Narkover, a public school. This is the first screen appearance of Hay in his (to be ) famous schoolmaster role, in a story based on Dr Smart-Alec, the character created by John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton (J.B. Morton, "Beachcomber") Written by Michael Crew m.crew@bbcnc.org.uk


William Beaudine

CAST: Will Hay, Gordon Harker, Jimmy Hanley, Davy Burnaby, Norma Varden, Claude Dampier, Charles Farrell, Percy Walsh

Geraldine Chaplin

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The Camera Osbscura

Two days ago I watched  La Camara Oscura, a movie that I really loved. The story: In an Argentinian colony of Entre Rios province, at the end of the XIX century, a woman who, according to his family was born ugly, grows up being dull and becoming an insignificant woman, almost transparent. Being ignored by all, she doesn’t renounce to see that world that surrounds her with a great interest to the little signs of beauty that only can be seen when we stop to contemplate them. Years later, she is married and has children. A French photographer arrives to her house in the countryside and he will be the only one to discover, with a “different kind of look” the particular beauty of the main character and her intense inner world. (FilmAffinity)

There is a lot to say about this movie, the story is tender, full of poetry, and at times it really reminds me of Garcia Marquez stories. I felt it was directed by a woman, María Victoria Menis. It is a beautiful movie that I recommend and also portrays this time in history in Argentina.

A must see. I am sorry, I could not find any trailer with subtitles

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Strass et Vintage

Archives of the biggest fashion house until December 23, 2010.

Dior shoes from the fifties, first Cristobal Balenciga Collections, Mad Men Lanvin Style…

Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, the most beautiful pret a from seventy years ago until now.

Where? Galerie Renaissance, Paris.

What? Strass et Vintage

Text. Lucile Marchand

Via BuyBuy.com






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Vintage Packages

As a lover of vintage and Pete Pan Book, I love seeing this vintage Peter Pan Peanut Butter Can.


Check out this THEDIELINE.COM  for more

Fashion Markets

Fashion Markets

Via Manchester Confidential

Monday, November 8, 2010

Greatest Collection of Amazing Vintage Textures

Which one is the best? I really can’t tell, but I think I will get all of them for my graphics and scrapbooking designs!

Check the LINK

Some examples:


What an incredible collection!


I was very excited when I collected all the emails since this is my very first Giveaway. Today at 6.00 am ended the giveaway contest (my time, if you see the time difference between Spain and US Eastern Time, which made exactly Sunday 12.00 midnight.

This is the list of names who have participated:

1. meeyeehere

2. suburban prep

3. Tracy R

4. katychick

5. Debbie

6. Shelbelle

7. Gee

8. tattgiff

9. Charity

10. shirley

11. Mom2anutball

12. Felicia K.

13. debbie

14. Kari

Afte having wished Good Luck to you All, I went to www.random.org

And got this:

So I have to announce the winner who is.....

Felicia K


I will get in touch with you and CSN Stores so that you get the $55 Gift Code!

Thanks for all of you who participated. You made this blog become very interesting!

And I hope more companies will offer more Giveaways through this blog:-)

Have a great week!


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Weekend Poll: What time do you belong to?

I was reading an article that speaks about Ditta Von Tyssen and I know the pinup style doesn’t fit me well. I mostly prefer the 20s , its fashion and the flapper era. But at times, I can also feel that I would why not could be living in the 1900s, those times filled with art, culture, expeditions and marvelous perfume creations.

So, I was thinking why not write about this as a poll? This is a great way to know your likes, what times you really love most and perhaps seeing these images those who wonder will finally get an idea of what times they really feel to fit in.

So here are some images, randomly selected. Just choose one (or two) that will let us know what times, what old and not so old times you really love.

I made a selection starting with the 1900s. I could go further back but perhaps this will be posted on another article, only to show a certain time, let’s say the Victorian and Edwardian era.

So, here are the pictures. Chose the one or two photos that make you feel good as if you were precisely in the photo.

Let’s start with 1800s









(btw, she reminds me of Madonna)












Make your choice!


Image Credits:

Victorian Lady Preparing Her Bath ca. 1890s /Bettman

Woman Dress as Virgin Mary © Alinari Archives/ 1895 – 1900

French Ballet Dancer Wearing Feather Plume 1900-1910 © Alinari Archives

Model Alden Gay Wearing Cartier Jewelry 1924 © Condé Nast Archive

Woman in Satin Crepe Suit 1934 © Condé Nast Archive

Designer Charles James 1948 © Condé Nast Archive

Model Suzy Parker with flowers 1956 © Genevieve Naylor

1960s Woman Dancing In White Fringed Halter Top Mini-Dress Skirt And Go-Go Boots  April 21, 1965 © H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock

Nan Kempner  ca. January 1974 © Condé Nast Archive

Marc Jacobs Runway Show Fall 1986 © Condé Nast Archive

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Fabulous Vintage Fonts

This is a very long list of fonts on the web. But they are all Vintage, old scripture, old fashion… some at reasonable prices.  Lucky to know that some of them I already have them. I personally like by order of appearance:









Mr Leopolde

Mr Leopolde



Londonderry Air

Londonderry Air







Too long to show here. More than 300 vintage fonts.

Check out MyFonts.Com

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Monday starts with a Giveaway Gift Certificate! (Closed)

With a rainy weekend out, and the prospect of great movies to watch in the evening, I wanted to mention that one of them was  North by Northwest. I know it is bad I had not yet seen this movie… especially since I am one of Hitchcock fans , and since I have silent and classic dvd’s  of his movies.

So I was thinking that this could serve me to prepare a GIVEAWAY for this week. Did you listen well? Yes!

The winner will enjoy a $55 Gift Code ready to put towards any of the 200 hundred CSN stores. I visited a few and they have lots of items. I especially enjoyed the dining room chairs they have and I invite you to have a look at their different websites, with thousands of items, from decor to health & fitness, kitchen, baby & kids, rugs…and so many others! To see the list check CSN Stores.com. For you, lovers of vintage, I am sure there are lots of things that will catch your attention.

sweet dreams

This My Baby Sams Sweet Dreams throw pillow is very cute. And it reminds me of my conversations on twitter!



Murray Feiss Augustine Torchiere in antique Brown

This Murray Feiss Augustine Torchiere in Antique Brown is greatly inspired in Art Deco!

You can find lots of different items in Victorian style, art nouveau… just have a look.

They also have many sales and promotions,  I’m sure you are going to love it.

I am picking up a few as you see, and these two others….. Pan Am 70s Original Totes Bag in Blue

Pan Am 70s Original Totes Bag in Blue


Dualit 4 Slice Toaster (Petal Pink)

This Dualit 4 Slice Toaster (Petal Pink) has the look of an old vintage radio, don’t you think?


This Giveaway is only for readers in the US and Canada.

CSN Stores is an accredited company  with an A + BBB rating.

This Giveaway Gift Certificate Contest will expire on  Monday November 8 at 6.00am my time (UTC+2). I am six hours ahead of readers over the East Coast of the United States, so that would make it till Sunday 7 midnight, with an hour more or less of difference.

The lucky winner will be chosen randomly by the means of a winner generator.

To enter this great giveaway, 3 things are necessary:

1. – Wich actor or actress  of nowadays do you consider as suitable for working in Hitchcock’s movies if he was still alive?

2 – Become a fan on Vintage Lady’s facebook  or add my personal Facebook to your friend’s list

3 – Provide an address email for contact.

Have a wonderful week!

Special thanks to Shelbellestikihut

Old Time Beauty

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