Saturday, July 10, 2010

Luxury Liner

george brent signed photo 
As these days I am dedicated to discover movies where George Brent played in, yesterday I saw "Luxury Liner", a 1948 MGM Technicolor movie starring Brent, Jane Powell, singer/actor Lauritz Melchior, Frances Gifford, and among others, my dear Xavier Cugat, who seldom speaks but is great with his orchestra and didn't forget to bear his chihuahua.. In his late years, Cugat would live in a room for himself at the Ritz hotel in Barcelona. He died years ago, but he is so remembered here. I would see him getting out from the Ritz sometimes when I went to my father's school near the hotel, and some months ago, I went to have a drink to a bar which had lots of his photos, near The Ritz as well. I asked the owner, a young girl, and she told me that her grandmother used to guest Cugat at that bar years ago. It was like travelling through time and being with Cugat himself there, he loved speaking about his adventures, his career, his ups and downs, and women.

When I started seeing the "Luxury Liner", I remembered the tv series "Love Boat" and asked myself if this movie was the inspiration for the tv series. I have no idea, but it looks quite similar. 

Jane Powell sings so beautiful and mixing opera with cha cha cha, how could this be? Cugat made it possible:-)

Regarding Brent, the story has reminiscences of something that happened to me some years ago with someone. But in this case he says "if you love someone you must tell him/her", not that person's case, although this was the only difference. 

If you want to spend a time with nice songs, some silly jokes, and feel the glamour of old times's travel by cruise, then perhaps you will like this movie very much. I have to say it made me feel very good after it ended, leaving me a sensation of gaiety. 

Had I choose a character to play myself, without doubt I would loved to play Zita Romanka's, hahaha.

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