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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Children Fashion Shop Window 1937

Escaparate de moda infantil 1937

children fashion shopwindow 1937


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alice White

Alice White, originally uploaded by Truus, Bob & Jan too!.

Macy's - New York, New York

Macy's in 1939. New York

Jacqueline Logan


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Most Vintage Videogames to play online

Donkey Kong
King’s Quest
Super Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda
Missile Command
Duck Hunt


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To Egypt

I so much love these kind of vintage posters… Today Egypt.




Vintage Letter Template

If you are looking for a vintage template for your blog, maybe you would love this one. I see it very plain but with some images… everything can really change!

Si estáis buscando un template para vuestro blog que sea vintage, quizás os guste este. En principio lo veo un poco soso, pero con algunas imágenes.. todo puede cambiar!

Vintage Letter Template for Blog

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Vintage stores also collapse

It is sad to know that due to the recession some vintage stores have to close their doors. This is what has happened with Carrboro’s Roulette Vintage, that has had to closed its doors due to the recession…

Es triste saber que debido a la situación de recesión también existen tiendas vintage que cierran sus puertas y este es el caso de Carrborro´s Roulette Vintage, que ha tenido que cerrar sus puertas debido a esta recesión…

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I remember that my grandmother didn’t do crochet but she liked to sew.  Nevertheless, when I was little I would see while traveling in the countryside some women who would spend their time creating lovely fabrics while speaking about anything and everything. I had a neighbour when I was little whose grandmother loved doing things like in the picture. She did lots of round fabrics for the tables, little tables, sleep tables. It was awesome.

Do you have a grandma who likes still doing this, or do you like doing it yourself? I did a nice cape for my mother in crochet and also a dress in wool long ago, i was just 18 and would go visit a woman in a shop who sold wool and all kinds of tools for crochet. It was very relaxing!

Recuerdo que a m abuela no le gustaba hacer punto pero si coser. Sin embargo, cuando era pequeña, yo solía ver en el campo algunas mujers que pasaban su tiempo creando tejidos muy hermosos mientras hablaban de todo y de nada. Tenía una vecina cuando era una cría a cuya abuela le encantaba hacer cosas como en la fotografía. Hacía montones de telas así, para la mesa, para las mesillas, las mesitas de noche. Increíble.

Vuestra abuela hace este tipo de punto? O vosotras? Yo hice una capa en ganchillo para mi madre y también me hice un vestido de lana hace tiempo, tendría unos 18 años. Iba a visitar a una mujer que tenía una tienda de lanas y toda clase de  útiles para hacer punto. Era realmente relajante!

imagen:© John and Lisa Merrill

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does Beauty have a Name?

Yes…. Vintage!



the 1950s-ad for cute tomata Cutex nail polish

the 1960s-ad for Camay soap

Via flickr


Bloody Typing in History and Japan

In 1900, Austrian Biologist Karl Landsteiner identified for the first time the different bloody types.

Are you type A, B, 0, maybe AB? Do you know your bloody type? And do you know that different bloody types give different kind of personalities? Are you The Hunter, The Humanist, The Farmer, the Warrior? You can click over the image to read the Japanese Bloody Typing and find out about your bloody personality type.


You Are What You Bleed

Source: Phlebotomist

Pi Number in History

Did you know that the earliest known reference to Pi occurs in an Egyptian papyrus scroll, written around 1650 BC by a scribe names Ahmes?

That Archimedes discovered it?  Do you know how he discovered it?

It is so interesting to learn new things about numbers, places, people, history and ourselves!

You can click on the image to learn more!


Online Schooling - Visualizing Pi

Source: Online Schooling


Old Time Beauty
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Vintage Blogs


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