Saturday, October 17, 2009

It’s True…

I thought it was a pure illusion and that I could spend the whole day without having coffee. It works sometimes… others I just need the cup of hot and sweet coffee after a hard time or difficult time. Today I found out that the coke my bro spilled over the keyboard /and that we thought it was cleaned/ has appeared in a way that did not allow me to write anything. goodness…! I had nevertheless cleaned everything the best I could but today it came again, sweet hard syrup under some keystrokes… NO! I removed all keys, cleaned everything, a little plastic chip jumped and I decided to find it afterwards… Then, I could not find it so the Y could not be fixed. I looked over the floor with my brother. We seemed stupid treasure hunters…. to no avail. Then, I quit. My  head was hurting too much. And when I thought I would have to find a time next week to get this little piece of plastic… then I see it over the table, when we both had been looking for it. My brother thought I was joking, I said no, but then… yes, really I needed a cup of hot coffee, I felt so bad.

And yes, it helps although my headache is not completely gone… I had to check for very tiny numbers in the plastic devices to install the keys… I felt like in Lost with those strange numbers… and tonight I will watch Lost, two chapters while I eat a Durun and drink Coke… extremely away from my sweet Dell…



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